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Whether just beginning your lives together, seeking a check-up along your journey, or discovering that your partnership is spiraling downhill quick, you can benefit from Christian martial counseling. RTR offers faith based marriage counseling from a Biblical worldview.

We believe that the bond between you and your spouse is a sacred one. You have been joined together as one by God and should not be separated (Mark 10: 7-9). So at RTR, we help couples love for each other grow by discovering the heart of their marriage commitment.

Our Christian based counseling sessions assist with conflict resolution. Learn the practice of forgiveness, understand the freedom of salvation through Jesus Christ, and even learn to love and communicate with your spouse like you never knew you both could. Committing to Christian marital counseling can be the first step to staying together, because you will learn to work with, and respect one another, in new ways.

The Bible describes love between spouses as sacrificial, a commitment in which each partner lifts up the other in kindness, prayer, and respect. In a broken world, it can be difficult to avoid the dysfunctional patterns that become stumbling blocks to loving marital commitment. Seeking Christian marriage counseling can show you how to undo these harmful patterns and help you move closer to establishing the Biblical marriage that you originally hoped for (Proverbs 15:22).

Here at RTR we have a passion for bringing couples together, working through the hurts and heartaches, and promoting forgiveness and forward momentum. Christian based counseling is for couples who are struggling, couples who have lost hope, and even couples who want to take their marriage from good to great.

Call us today at 989-415-9329 to schedule your appointment.